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Falsehood 02:47
FALSEHOOD i was asking myself but i couldn´t answer i was searching for the truth in myself i found just the lie awaken my mind was wandering between good and wrong i felt the faith just in myself i know i failed i felt the faith just in myself i know i failed but i didn´t wanna pain my pain the secret consists in deepness of my soul my mind was wandering between good and wrong i felt the faith just in myself i know i failed
TALES OF DISTRESS i believe in your love and i beat my head against the wall you are all that god hasn´t created yet trust my heart if you don´t trust my words feel it´s beating till it doesn´t stop i can´t neither don´t want to forget our love i dejected myself into one point the fragment of that second was just a mistake because of this i cry inside today the fall, the mistake which i´ll never forget i beat my head against the wall it destroys me, it strips my skin off remembering, your words in my head you got me on the top out from within that is so disgasting i beat my head against the wall
DEAF HOMELESS more and more you speak one thing deaf man waits a replay your reward, your little rate he needs so much again he wants deny yourself i understand your words i believe in your real thing he´s no conceited he´s no conception degradation around more and more you see real world deaf homeless waits in the street your freedom, faith for all he don´t live from love he wants deny no lies better as all he needs much more he waits in rain your freedom for all freedom your faith for all
On My Own 02:49
ON MY OWN he lost his way in his sad fate he felt the things in the fate lose the essence more and more he coudn´t stop desire he coudn´t be without and stayed like myself they said they said he looked for the face he lost he´s hidden from the other people his shaking hands needed a help he was waiting every day looking for what he needed on my own... there were there were hate and no fate at the start only man who lived this knew what he was feeling joy was hidden in the subconscions on my own... no.
No Real Hate 03:14
NO REAL HATE don´t bother if they spit under your feet you search for love once known in misunderstanding have you reached what you had dreamt of? no understanding is for your ideas now in deepness of your soul you ask yourself you find your thoughts at the same point are you gonna reach your destination? you collide with cruel difference don´t bother... open your palm open your mind live as so far a few fuckin´ hours you have for yourself a few fuckin´ days you feel mistaken


released October 10, 1997


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FROWN Slovakia

The band was established in the autumn 1997 in Presov in Slovakia.
Frown are : Marian Drac – vocal,bass,
Martin „Chemik„ Porubsky – keyboard and backing vocal,Jan Kolesar - guitar,backing vocal,Frantisek Zeleznik - drums

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