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Gift Of Suffering


SOMETHING THERE don’t let yourself live where time stands still where everything has lost itřs sense somewhere on on the brink of despair the days remained the same and i found the need to live fight with hategame living between the start and the end so my anger disappeared there i found myself in the ultimate lies i was searching for illusion of life here i wanted to change something inside of me like a blind man’s power bound by his stick living a hole helpless one it seemed i wanted to kill the man forced to live without hate and love
Hateman 03:12
HATEMAN welcome to this hole listen to my words i’m an old man waiting to die my own conscious philosopher a long time ago i kill god and love renounced my own son i was hating life and world too humiliating people making a mock of the ill i hated everything under the sun killed my brother i’m living slave i learnt the anger and hate now i’m the old man waiting to die i’m hateman sad, denied, ill i suffer for all i’ve done no hope for better i’m hateman i’ve been living in the hole 60 years in my life’s depression
GIFT OF SUFFERING for lies you remember my name for pain i stayed so insane my mind was so blind that pain was always so cruel it soiled my faith and scratched my feelings and i fell down into the entrails of hate something inside of me has left now i’m healing my soul and that’s a gift of my suffering that pain cames so suddenly i thought about you every day a night without you was suffering was i a devil for you?
THE CLIPPED WINGS /TAKE ME FROM THIS EARTH/ one day far in my thoughts i’ll step over the window of life and leave for long way one day this intense pain i’ll grip my palm deep in you i can’t hear your crying i can’t see your face a soul that needs a pray i can see you inside there please open my palm which is closed our lives are winged you’ll be looking for me far away is my only shape you are praying for my soul i’m here forever please forgive me i need you to believe me spread my wings i havenřt died please open my palm
NEVER AGAIN HOLY WORDS holy words around faith believe in lies people hear a shit total fuckin’pigs go your own way control your life you see yourself and make your progress never again ... Jesus you don’t hear me Jesus you don’t understand
Skyline 04:23
SKYLINE voice you hear this cry last word which i understand she dies for your love she comes from this earth comes back from beyond sand and dust around with your faith in your eyes emptiness all around she feels darkness peace and silence the flames burn in my empty soul goddamn pain on my own she disappeared in black cold night she said take me away and remember we shall meet again
WRAPPED IN SUEDE nightmares still your beauty you sip from a glass of death his claws scratch off your skin wrapped in suede you fall asleep you walk into the garden of passion you talk to souls i feel faith your silent breath i want to join our ways you fall asleep on the wings of night you read from the books of dreams controlled by negative thoughts you sleep on its wings i watch your body and feel it want blaze again
I´m Haunted 05:43
I’M HAUNTED it’s a full moon and i stay where i used to stay nothing changed everything keeps haunting me how long more ? i am haunted i am fretted i’m followed by my despair i breathe like dragged under the water who i am now


FROWN - Gift Of Suffering - remastered,reissue 2020, original edition from 1998.Re-mastered by Tomas Mutina at TM AUDIO LAB.


released October 26, 2020


all rights reserved



FROWN Slovakia

The band was established in the autumn 1997 in Presov in Slovakia.
Frown are : Marian Drac – vocal,bass,
Martin „Chemik„ Porubsky – keyboard and backing vocal,Jan Kolesar - guitar,backing vocal,Frantisek Zeleznik - drums

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