Lunar Brightshine And Fiery Splendour




released October 31, 2003



all rights reserved


FROWN Slovakia

The band was established in the autumn 1997 in Presov in Slovakia.
Frown are : Marian Drac – vocal,bass,
Martin „Chemik„ Porubsky – keyboard and backing vocal,Jan Kolesar - guitar,backing vocal,Frantisek Zeleznik - drums

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Track Name: Forever in love
When midnight luna
Lose the brightness
Long and cruel
Be my waiting
The spell of feelings
Surrounds me
And shine of love
Is burning
So still we bath in lunar dust
As long as the stream of time
Part us forever
Track Name: Demonstration of irresistibility
Bad dreams and lunar brightshine are the principal attributes
Of vigilant nights. but you can the thrill reveal with every
Touch and zest, it is the invitation inside...
It's demonstration- not depravity
Track Name: Last summer days
The sun is burning a window panes
And I'm losing the way in delusion
O' sweet summer no chance to focus
In the smoky room I'm searching for a bottle
That's not my day

Life for me is a suffering
Pain is knocking on the door
I can't sleep-damn caffeine
Night follows day - I'm rotting

Sunset comes slow needles smelling everywhere
Filled with the haze I'm waiting for the rain
O' sweet summer I'm unable to sin
In the smoky room I'm searching for bottle
It's not time of mine

Last summer days
Are coming to soon
I know that this symptom
Slowly fades away
A' my sweating bottle
Lover at first sight

Summer, summer
Last summer days
I'm entering to hell
Mind breaks down
I hate myself
And I'm falling into faintness
That's not my day
Track Name: Salvation
She's like a vamp
She'd like to be satisfied
He's like a Christ
A god who loves her

Now she's gonna cry

Tears are falling on his hands
When the stone shades her soul
Severe winds bending red firs
She prays on his grave

She's gonna cry
She wants to die


Salvation filled lovely heart
The secrets and desires
A lily tortured by temptation
One watching the moonlapse
Track Name: Dryad
The morning dew
Flowing down her breast
As she lies on the poppy
She's a dryad-it's her excuse

Inside the old shack
Of oak wood
Overgrown by weed
She's a dryad-as a shrine

In her eyes flower blooms
She smells like a parfume
She's a dryad-she has to shine

After the nightfall
Night's so long
She's dancing on the meadows
She's a dryad-wild as hind

She takes a bath
In crystal pool
As moss she is green
She's a dryad-i want to see her

She's jumping over the trunks
Through the musk
And shade of dusk
She's a dryad-she has to fly

I'm yearning to see her
Sometimes it's so hard
She avoids grey daylight
Sometimes it's so hard
To find her

She's a dryad-she's not my woman
Track Name: Praise the autumn
Rainy noon
The autumn's end
It's like spring of life
The wood's haze
Swirling leaves
Slowly rising away

Above horizon where the clouds cover the sun
A pure rays of life in a coloured embrace
The green wood revives swirling leaves all around
Impressive affection i'm feeling the ground

The ground i praise the autumn

As another year is gone
Those touching feelings
Sensual scents it make me sleepy
But a breeze surrounds me
I'm charmed by beauty
Of everywhere autumn day
I'm touching the ground

The ground i praise the autumn

She's so unusual
She's so passionate
For its purity
Track Name: Groaning/In the middle of mist
A few years have passed away
When she said goodbye to her love
I told her not to wait at home
Drown in tears alone and frown

Warm touch of ash is like a fire
In her lap she's got a creeps
She puts off her dress of fire
Like a groaning autumn trees

At the horizon the crescent disappears
The gloomy black night is coming soon
Salubrious breeze for her soul
Time of fury wakes her up

Christmas moon shining
So full still bright
Make me pure
I renounce my sins

Inside of this mist
Of shady lights
In wicket I'm wincing
Got frozen by cold

It is snowing
The wind takes the light away
The wind's blowing
The snow drifts my footsteps
Track Name: Rusty flame
Freezing October midnight
Icy outbreak of the eclipse

I'm waking up at the age
Of the forest under dim light
Shy wind is undressing the trees
Like waif unlike ghost
Shilly I look into her bedroom
She's a torch she's a well
And I'm a flame

Turris fortis mihi deus
Hot night
Shrill she was bursting
Into laugh
Witness luna

Moon is witness as the wind blows
The flame is shivering
This phenomenon is created by a magic
'Till the storm begins for the last time

She's a well and I'm the water
The moon is showing through the branches
The strange glamour has a dangerous spell
She's a torch and I'm the flame

Oh, she knows my love is everything
'Till grave she knows that story
Track Name: Misty rains are comin´
In the middle of frost
The winter's started
Her breath the trees undressed
Made pale of sticks
The limbo's started
I'm sitting by fire
And I am wet

It's drizzling all the weeks
I guess it won't stop
Tranquil murmur of the wind crawling into my ears

Wood is wet -wet to the pith
O' god's disgrace
Bright blue flames
Like a night sky
Far away-miles away
In the distant nothingness
I'm feeding the fire
I think it won't go out

I am sitting
By hearth
I am wet
By hearth
Track Name: Bewitch me
My dolour
Doleful favour
O' my god
Bewitch me

Melting snow it's a symptom of spellbound spring
Soaked earth in the aflame is ready to love somebody like you

Mephitic girl with she-wolf's eyes
Sitting on your chair as she sways
Under the strange gown
The thrill is covered
She wants to make love

A strange entity drowning in sweetness
Has broken a dreaming seal
From the ice into the flames
She's a painful goddess
A refined countess damned by mercy
Passion is stronger than love

Methinks when I feel
Her softy lips touchin' mine
I lie to myself
'Cause I know that my heart
Is stronger than my mind

And the pain is weaker than wine
A dim intoxication
Remembering the first night
It seems so far away
But she's not evil
Just a bit frightened